15 March 2011

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 19

Title: Metropolis

Notes: Full disclosure: I 'watched' Metropolis in Film History class and ended up nodding off through most of the film. However, I did wake up in time to experience the destruction of the superbly detailed city, and especially this super wicked dance that enthralls the masses. Personally, I find it more utterly creepy and frightening than seductive, but it was the 20's after all...those were some interesting times. The remainder of the movie was just crazy interesting, and I do plan on checking this flick out in a full conscious state sometime in the near-like future; I blame my sleepiness on the 8PM curtain call [I'm usually a noon-riser]. Although bits of the movie - from what I remember - did drag and seemed to go nowhere, I won't discount some of the very beautiful cinematography the movie boasts, or some of the chilling composites (the eyes; the tomb thingy). I understand why Metropolis is high on the list of important movies of the past, cos it most definitely includes some stunning visual accomplishments. But more than anything, that freaky dance scene will be stuck in my head for years to come.

Discuss: Anything. The floor is yours. Just talk about your thoughts concerning Lang's Metropolis, or whether or not you've seen the 'restored' version from 2010, etc.?

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