10 March 2011

The Watcher: 03/04/11 - 03/10/11

S01E08 - Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things" (07 March 2011) - Can't say I was thrilled that the vampire porn video subplot survived into this incarnation, but at the very least the fallout wasn't as extreme as the original. Overall the eighth episode survived being interesting with Josh and his relationship with the stunningly gorgeous and understandable and frisky Nora, and his "cute" awkwardness and then (later on) intense agony changing into the wolf was some great material, and definitely makes Josh the most interesting of the characters (thus far). Aidan once again is faced with problems stemming from his personality, and Sally is still wallowing in self pity - although admittedly valid, from a storytelling perspective, it's wearing itself on thin ice now. Score: 8.9/10

S02E05 - "Cottonmouth" (09 March 2011) - An entirely enjoyable episode of JUSTIFIED where Boyd outsmarts the pain-in-his-asses from the last two episodes and actually ends up a sort of hero in the end. And now Raylan has some notion that serious shenanigans is going down with Mags and her boys, so hopefully there will be some clashing going on relatively soon. After four episodes of Boyd sulking and doing some soul searching, we still got the introspective Boyd there, but instead of lurking in the shadows we were given the Boyd of old: intelligent, devious, clever, and not hesitant to pull a gun. Consider me satisfied. Score: 8.9/10

S01E08 - "Daisey" (07 March 2011) - I fear I may have been too laxed in some earlier reviews of the series, as I gave accolades in areas where perhaps I shouldn't have. For example, each of these characters have their own problems, their own demons or family issues. Sometimes, instead of feeling organic and a developing part of the narrative, it felt forced. This cannot be said for Daisey, and in the end, her family life and her own personality 'ticks' and issues feel completely authentic, and thanks to trademark brilliant performances from the entire cast, "Daisey" packs some real emotional weight. Daisey, who had been previously regulated as a side character who provides words of wisdom or (sometimes) criticism, becomes a fully rounded character who I have gained a higher respect for. Great episode. Score: 10/10

S10E16 - "Scion" (4 March 2011) - Not exactly where I expected the Alexander Luthor storyline to end up at, but I'll happily take it. Relinquishing the hold of the Luthor name, the young man (Lucas Gabreel) rechristens himself as Connor Kent, the Superboy of old, and dedicates his life to mirroring the Blur. A rather brilliant development that lends itself to a rather brilliant and immensely satisfying episode. In the closing minutes, Lionel Luthor seems to have been thrown to the curb by daughter Tess, devious as always (and, by the way, great job, Cassidy Freeman), only to be visited by Darkseid. Dare I say it: woah. I am now so completely immersed in seeing how Lionel and Darkseid's storylines are resolved. Sucks we have to wait until April 15 for the final six episodes. Score: 10/10

S02E11 - "Deliverance” (7 March 2011) - STARGATE: UNIVERSE is now canceled, although we should be lucky, I guess, that we at least are given the nine episodes on air instead of waiting for the DVD release (i.e. Caprica). It's unfortunate that the writers never took the time to realize the standard formula they adhered to for fifteen years could not work in this format, nor that they created characters that are not remotely dimensional or developed, and isn't really delivering on its premise. Thus, we're given another rather redundant and, to a point, uninteresting episode that marks the beginning of the end. "Deliverance" has plenty of space battles and other science fiction cliches about how the ship is about to be kaput, but something miraculous happens at the last second. Alright, I can deal with that. But ultimately, the episode itself is so boring and so lazily plotted, written, directed, and overall executed, I didn't really follow - or become that invested in, for that matter - any of the story beats with the exception of Chloe onboard the alien spacecraft. Dr. Rush going crazy on Robert Knepper aside, Chloe's evolution has been the only real interesting part of the season, so I hope developments on that front is imminent. Sorry, SG-U fans if I offended you. Score: 4.5/10

S06E16 - "..And Then There were None" (4 March 2011) - Goodbye, Rufus. Goodbye, Grandpa Campbell. Goodbye, Dark-Haired-Woman-Related-to-Grandpa-Campbell. The sixteenth episode of this season offered plenty of deaths and near deaths, overall providing a fun and tense episode where anyone could be infected with some creature created by the Mother of All, but ultimately not adding enough to the overall mythology to keep us salivating for a whole month +. That said, it was definitely an emotional forty minutes as Bobby says goodbye to a dear friend and the Winchesters don't shed a tear with the death of their grandfather. It's unfortunate to see Mitch Pileggi's stint on SUPERNATURAL over with, but he got a justly awesome death, so there's some comfort in that. I'm really, super looking forward to the final batch of episodes, as this season has been (mostly) strong and is definitely heading into dark, interesting, and epic territories. Score: 8.3/10

S02E09 - "Devil in a Blue Dress" (08 March 2011)- I was looking for a screencap of Anna's eyes bleeding, because that was really freakin' creepy, but (obviously) didn't find one. Anyway, moving on: the Visitors are invading. Big surprise. However, that particular 'revelation' displayed onscreen this episode was pretty cool, with Brett Harrison using his cool thingymajigger to spot all the blue energy thingymajiggies sourcies and finding out there's a whole bazillion outside of earth, like, nowish. And Concordia is a landing platform. Pretty coolio. Just a quick thought, but this has been bugging me: when the Visitors are referring to themselves amongst themselves, why not call 'emselves by their actual species names? Or come up with something cool? El Lizardore. Lizocbra. Lizard Vixens. Meh. Anyway, there were a lot of spiffy special effects this time round, and plenty of plot movement to the finale, so it should come to no surprise I quite enjoyed myself here. By that, I mean the episode went by fast enough and I didn't feel like complaining as much. One episode left - most likely of the entire series - so I'm instead to see where this ends. Score: 8.3/10

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