14 December 2010

MMAM - Vol. 20

I can't believe I haven't included this song yet! Blimey, what's wrong with me, eh? While finishing up my finals, I was blasting "Scotty Doesn't Know" quite a lot. Dunno why, got me in the mood to read up some Oceans of the World literature. The song just screams education, don't it? For those unfamiliar with "Scotty Doesn't Know", this brilliant song originated from the comedy EUROTRIP (by the same guys who gave us ROAD TRIP), and in a bloody hilarious cameo, Matt Damon showed up as the singer. The actual band named is called Lustra. Anyone with a immature sense of humor or have an affection for Matt Damon, EUROTRIP is well worth your time. Below I've embedded a high quality sounding video from YouTube. After a listen, there was some great music videos on the site that I didn't use because of such dodgy audio, so I'd recommend a quick preview of those.

And my apologies to anyone named Scotty who has a girlfriend coincidentally named Fiona.

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