07 December 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 11

Title: Southland Tales

Notes: I made it all the way through once, and was confused as Hell. A second attempt was made, but ended unsuccessfully. Richard Kelley's masterpiece or train-wreck of disaster is difficult to comment on. Either the movie is possibly quite brilliant but hindered by too much crammed into the short running time, or the amount of oddities in the film are just too pronounced and this is Kelley's self-indulgent production. Recently Kelley said he had written a screenplay based on the graphic novels of the first three chapters and hopes to make it into a animated film to accompany the live action extravaganza. Maybe then, Kelley's complete vision can be realized and everything will make sense and I can finally make a decision on whether I like the film or not. As it stands, I'm confused by it, but I don't necessarily hate it. Editing, pacing, and performance issues are a constant concern with the film, but it does present plenty of entertaining and interesting ideas that are worth giving kudos to. With two original scripts brought to the screen, I'm interested to see what he'll go with on a third production (THE BOX not counting, as it's based on a Matheson short story). On a final note: isn't that shot just pretty?

Discuss: Anything. I dunno where to start with this movie...

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