21 December 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 12

Title: Satan's Slay

Notes: The perfect Christmastime movie. Screw the lovey-dovey Hallmark junk that regurgitates the same plot over and over and over again, watch this brilliant flick where Santa is the spawn of Satan and, no longer bound by his contract to bring joy and kindness to children, enjoys wrecking havoc on all and everyone who crosses paths with him. Destroying churches, killing random blokes who just remotely irritate him, beating the shit out of dudes at a strip bar, and a reindeer chase against the protagonists are just but a sampling of the sheer awesomeness of SANTA'S SLAY, not even counting the superb opening four minutes which is one of my new favorite opening scenes of all time. There's just something so very enjoyable with the idea of Santa Clause going on a killing spree. Perhaps it's my frakked up mindset, but SANTA'S SLAY is 100% enjoyable. It's not a great film by any stretch of the imagination nor does it make any attempt to weave creativity in its execution, but it delivers wholeheartedly on its premise and there's not a ounce of lacklusterness in the script or Santa himself. Commonly On Demand, there's no reason not to watch this immensely enjoyable dark comedy horror flick which really epitomizes possibly one of the most important lessons in history: don't piss off Santa Clause.

Discuss: Christmas. Ba-humbug.

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