27 October 2010

BATMAN - Nolan Announces Title!

In a interview with Hero Complex, Christopher Nolan has revealed the title of the third Batman film, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Additionally, Nolan has officially stated that the Riddler, long thought to be the bad guy, is not the villain of the story. Also discounted in March was Mr. Freeze as the Big Bad.

Nolan has said in the past that he was looking at this arc as a trilogy: the beginning, fall, and rise of the Batman, and the title certainly seems to suggest that. However, not too much of a fan of said title. BATMAN BEGINS was named correctly, seeing as how it was a magnificent origin story. THE DARK KNIGHT was beautifully titled, with that label juxtaposed against Dent's 'White Knight' persona. It worked. It was magnificent. One of the bestest titles of the last decade. And now we have THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Frankly, I feel like it just doesn't fit. It doesn't look right. At least, I would consider changing it to BATMAN RISES, then we got the theme going on of BATMAN, DARK KNIGHT, BATMAN again. Anyone diggin' what I'm saying, or am I simply making zero intelligent statements? [Don't say 'yes', preferably].

I have complete faith in Goyer and the Nolans, and I am super excited to see where they take the story. Just...title...ugh...

Anyway, what do you folks think of the title? No matter what, my ticket's sold 20 July 2012. Just sucks we gotta wait that long. Well, next year we have TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, and in 2012, we also got us the Legendary Pictures GODZILLA flick. So, 2012 is shaping up to be something spectacular.

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