04 October 2010

MMAM - Vol. 10

Because I'm super in love with October and by extension Halloween, this month will have horror movie-heavy features. The first update to correspond with this is the MMAM - Much Music Awesomeness Mondays - with tracks from HALLOWEEN II, composed by John Carpenter and "in association with" Alan Howarth (who went on to score HALLOWEEN 4 & 5). Now I love the original HALLOWEEN, the movie and the score just like any other horror fan, but there's something completely wicked with the HALLOWEEN II score, where all the tension feels ramped up ten times over. The first video is the new rendition of the "HALLOWEEN Theme", as originated by Carpenter. Truth be told, I love this version - it's a beautiful 'next step' to the theme, adding major amounts of eeriness. The second track is "The Shape Stalks Again", taking place near the films ending as Laurie is running from Mr. Myers. Yes, it can be a little bit obnoxious to listen to, but in the context of the movie, it creates a utterly riveting sequence that grabs me and never lets go. Rick Rosenthal's HALLOWEEN II is just as gripping as Carpenter's original, in my opinion, and if you're surfing through AMC this Halloween month and come across it, I'd recommend sitting down with some pop and popcorn and enjoying one of the best damn horror sequels. But until then, please enjoy the tracks!

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