19 October 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 4

Title: Jason Goes to Hell

Notes: Eight FRIDAY THE 13TH movies in, New Line Cinema acquired the rights to the embodiment of evil pissed off at hormonal teens frolicking around his camp grounds, and decided to do something new to the formula. The previous two movies featured Jason fighting a psychic and then going to New York - how can one possibly top the sheer awesomeness of that stuff, one asks? Well, frakkin' KILL OFF Jason Vorhees within the first ten minutes of the new movies! Frakkin' awesome! And, in staying with the theme that evil never dies, Jason's soul of evilness passes through one victim to another. Awesome, brilliant. Not all that brilliantly executed though, resulting in a sorta "eh" film. Still good, don't get me wrong, especially considering what comes next in the franchise, but there was a lot of potential that was sorta lost as the movie went on. Grand opening, meager middle act, rousing finale that just needed more. No matter, JASON GOES TO HELL is still a pleasure to watch.

Discuss: Did yah dig the surprise appearance of another iconic horror figure in the movies closing seconds? Did the lack of a physical embodiment of Jason Vorhees distract you from enjoying the movie? Good first non-Paramount attempt?

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