21 October 2010

The Watcher: 10/15-10/21

Posting might be limited for the next couple of days for the following reasons: 1 test, 1 paper from Oceans of the World; 2 papers for Creative Writing; 2 papers and a reading of "Beloved" for Literary Studies; and...actually, that's about it, but it's plenty and I ain't no lookin' forward to it. Wish me luck-o. I have to compare and contrast a essay - not fun.

S01E12 - "
Things We Lock Away" (18 October 2010) - A Graystone-centric episode, I am overall pleased, although I quite wish there was more. In V-World, the Zoe avatar finally comes face to face with Tamara and engage in a battle with swords (!!! SWORDS!!! AWESOME!), until Zoe comes to the realization that she isn't original Zoe, that she's her own individual and should not be blamed for the actions of the real Zoe. How does some come about this epiphany? Through the use of another Zoe guiding her, a possible allusion to the One True God showing himself as a Angel, Gaius/Number Six-style? Or was the explanation about the other Zoe given and I just didn't realize. Another element worth noting, is that V-world Zoe is quite adamant that she has a purpose, as does Tamara, she just doesn't have a clue as to what it is right now. I am quite in that category of people curious as to what this 'purpose' is - I mean, what exactly can two digital copies of a person accomplish? In the real world, Daniel's deal with the figurative Devil follows through, and he is re-instated as head of Gryastone Industries. Well, that wasn't entirely dramatic, but the ending sure as hell was, with his confrontation with Thomas Vergis. Man, I did not see that ending coming, although I probably shoulda. Those last ten minutes of the episode were fantastic. Everything else, not too much of a fan - I'm a little intrigued about where Lacy will end up by seasons end, but all the other elements I just am very 'eh' about. I'd like for Clarice to either die or be given one hell of a awesome storyline. That is all.

E - "Chuck Vs the Couch Lock" (18 October 2010) - Poor Casey. Poor Morgan. Poor Alex. Casey had to fake his death to capture three mercenaries, and of course that didn't go exactly as planned. As for Morgan, his relationship with Alex hit a stump because he's so damn scared of Casey's wrath. But those two guys together, Morgan and Casey, make for cosmic comedy gold, and that's specifically why I dug this episode. Unfortunately, though, the jokes and 'twists' come off as a bit predictable, and that sorta veers my enjoyment a little bit. On the plus side, we do see some growth with Chuck in the spy arena, so cleverly coming up with the Casey Dead plan and being so bloody confidant about it. Why or why did the General have to mention it? Next week, looks like Linda Hamilton will make her much hyped appearance to Chuck. Now with CHUCK getting a full 24-episode order, I'm interested to see where the creators are taking this...

S05E04 - "Beauty and the Beast" (17 October 2010) - First off, Julia Stiles is from Minnesota! Yippie! We rule! Well, at least her character is. "Beauty and the Beast" was a pretty good episode, although I just wish there was so much more. The main purpose of it was for Dexter to try and understand Lumen, to gain some common ground, and to persuade her that he isn't the bad guy, that he was actually the one saving her. Of course, Lumen [awesome name] being as mangled and mentally frazzled as she is, isn't exactly taking his words with comfort or as honesty. The ultimate method Dexter used to persuade Lumen was a smart move, but I don't altogether buy it. It was cool, don't get me wrong, it just felt like the episode time was running out, so the writers had to quickly concoct a way for Lumen to be all, 'Oooh! I get it now! You protector!' As for the other plots, the nanny stuff - don't care for; Quinn getting suspended, should be semi-interesting; Angel getting investigated`- couldn't care less. But the real beauty? That scene between machete-man and Deb: now that was awesome and thrilling, and I can't wait to see how this killing spree comes to a end. I sense someone will get super hurt or quite possibly with the being dead. Anyhow, still liking DEXTER, and still damn well excited.

S01E06 - "Resistance" (21 October 2010) -
After a week of no NIKITA, it returns with a pretty good episode. Plus, and this always adds to the enjoyment of a episode, the whole way everything was going to play out didn't play out as I expected. And here I thought I was all smart with my guessing of the whole storyline. Shame on me, I guess. I absolutely loved that the whole scenario became a test not only for Alex, but Michael as well. That was unexpected, and pure gold. And it's nice, because I'm still unsure about Michael - I don't fully understand the guy, and his motives are quite in the air at all times. The flashbacks with Nikita and Alex once again have very little emotional resonance - in fact, none at all; they actually distract from the overall narrative. They should have kept all the flashback sequences in their pocket and unleashed them in one singular flashback-centric episode, that would have been nifty. Well, with Alex's threshold shown, and her ability to kickass evident to Division, and Nikita found out who exactly killed her hubby three years ago, everyone is in a crossroads and it should be exciting to see where the rest of this 13-episode season lands.

S10E04 - "Homecoming" (15 October 2010)
- Such a beautiful episode, and so rewarding for all the fans who have stayed with the show since the Pilot way back in 2000 [such as myself]. A battalion of Superman moments and allusions, "Homecoming" basically set the plate up for Clark conquering his self doubts and worries and becoming the red and blue zoomy person. But no matter how fantastic everything was - Clark seeing his future, Clark seeing everything fine with Lois knowing his secret, Clark knowing that he can be the hero he always sought to be, and all that other jazz - I can't help but feel a little cheated that the writers [once again] used time travel as a way to bring home a point. I just don't like that. Although, I can give them kudos for not using the visit to the future as the ultimate decision moment for Clark, because that would just be a paradox and equally disappointing, and just used the time travel as a way for Clark to kinda loosen up and begin to ease himself into his 'earth protector' role. And boy, was it great to see James Marsters back, this time as Brainiac 5 (from the future, as dabbled with by the Legion), and am glad that Clark's real first big nemesis became his helper. There's not much else to say about the episode but it was just one ginormous joygasm with a bazillion geeky moments that will make any fan and casual comic book reader completely head-over-heels happy. A damn good episode, SMALLVILLE writers.

S02E04 - "Pathogen" (19 October 2010) - That was a very well done episode, creators behind SG-U. First thing worth mentioning is the confidant and stylistic direction by Robert Carlyle, crafting one of the few satisfyingly directed episodes of the series. Who is second? SG-U co-creator Robert C. Cooper, his episodes are gorgeous as well. So, congrats Mr. Carlyle. Secondly, the story and script was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Chloe's whole evolution in becoming whatever she will become, Eli seeing his mom, and that one girl with her girlfriend back home having trouble [see how much I dig her character? I don't even know her frakkin' name!]. And in addition with that, the performances delivered were phenomenal. It was great to see Chloe do something other than complain, get captured, or frak everyone in sight - to see her slowly grow fearful and act alien. And Rush was, thankfully, more subtle than he has ever been, not shouting all over the place. I quite like Rush this season, and one f the few characters I'm grabbin' onto. Eli gets to flex his acting muscles as he visits Earth to talk to his mom, and those scenes were fantastic. All around, a very well made episode by SG-U standards, and gives me faith that season two just might be good. Now, let's hope they handle this Lucian Alliance storyline intelligently...

S06E04 - "Weekend at Bobby's" (15 October 2010)
- SUPERNATURAL back to form, "Weekend at Bobby's" is a fantastic episode. Full of hilarious one-liners, Jim Beaver getting a great amount of work to do, and nicely directed by Mr. Ackles. Sadly not much to say about the episode other than that it was really bloody good, laughed a whole bunch, and I quite liked the resolution of the whole Bobby/Crowley/soul thing. Sorry, I'm just loosing steam on the writing front.

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