28 October 2010

The Watcher: 10/22 - 10/28

Tests and papers coming up! Ugh! As we enter November, I am becoming less and less thrilled by the major amounts of homework being thrown at me. Not thrilled at all, mates. Bollocks. And in order to post these things a tad earlier, I'm just gonna skip tonight's NIKITA until the following week, seeing as how I hardly have time to watch it. Anyway, back to the show. This week, there were some goods, and plenty of "meh"'s.

S01E13 - "False Labor" (27 October 2010)
- Gosh darn those scenes with Daniel and Amanda in the HoloBand were great. As was the scene with Sam cleaning up his 'mess' with a frakkin' Cylon! That was some great stuff. However, the rest of the episode fell flat. But "False Labor" was meant for two things: to further the relationships of the characters, and to continue moving plot forward (at a minuscule pace, sadly) and set-up stuff for the finale. Speaking of which, it was announced yesterday that CAPRICA would not be seeing a second season, as the SyFy Channel deemed it unworthy and canceled the show. In a word, I am pissed. The show may not be great, but it's intelligent and boasts some of the biggest and boldest creativity on the TV right now. It's goneness is a huge blow to science fiction television. Frakkin' A, folks. We'll get an episode next week, but the final five (hehe) episodes will be held back until early next year. Frak, frak, frak, frak, FRARK!

S04E06 - "Chuck VS. the Aisle of Terror" (25 October 2010)
- The time has come for Linda Hamilton, Chuck's mom, to see her little lad, and boy did it not disappoint. Similar to the season two episodes dealing with a ex-flame of Chucks, the hour was filled with twists, reversals, and juicy surprises. Surprise #1: Freddy Kruger himself, Robert Englund, showing up in a role very similar to Doctor Crane from BATMAN BEGINS, using some neurotoxin to mess with the brain and make people look far more menacing than they really are. Englund was great, as to be expected by one of the many horror masters. Surprise #2: aside from lookin' a little demonic, Linda Hamilton was awesome as Mary Bartowski, not flinching with the shooting of her son, being a bad guy, making up some sort of double agent semi-cover. Great stuff. And now that Chuck knows it's Sarah and her teammates who took his mom in the end - let's hope the writers delve into some meaty dramatic moments.

S05E05 - "First Blood " (24 October 2010) - Well, that was...I don't know really. Frankly, nothing happened worth spending time writing about it, yet as a testament to how good the show is, the fifty minutes still flew by. Lumen 'left' to go back home (Minneapolis, represent!), Dexter almost violated the code, Deb does stuff, Angel is a dumby, other stuff happens. Whatever. Sunday yet?

S10E05 " Isis" (22 October 2010)
- Let's just take a moment to reflect: OMG! OMG! OMG! Best ending of the season. Holy Frak do I wish I was Tom Welling just then. OMG! OMG! OMG! Can Erica Durance be any more awesome? Any more beautiful? Any more cute and brilliant? She has one lucky husband. Now, gorgeous ending aside, I do want to talk about a specific character that just amazed me tonight, and nah, it was not Lois Lane. This character is none other than Tess Mercer, the same character who spent all of season nine rather aimless and floating between allegiances and lacking any real coherence in writing or plot. But now, we see a woman with direction, a woman who seems to play a very big part in the Superman mythology, and I am completely and utterly over the moon about it. Alright, those two bits aside, I do have a small little complaint: I am a bit annoyed that in its final season, the writers decided to pull yet another 'deity/witch/supernatural being possesses [blank]' story. I'm just not satisfied with that, considering the level of intelligence the show has been streaming these past couple episodes. Speaking of which, anyone else think their writing has become a bit funnier? Oliver delivered some great lines, some most definitely quote-worthy, and that didn't happen very often these last few seasons, let alone a bunch of 'em in one episode. Whatever the reason, keep it up, SMALLVILLE.

S02E05 - "Cloverdale" (26 October 2010)
- Yet another good episode from SG-U? What is going on? Whatever the spark of creativity, confidence, and intelligence, keep it coming. I may not particularly like Lt. Scott, nor am I much a fan of Chloe after the three part series premiere, "Air", but this episode made me love them. I gave a damn about Lieutenant Scott. I gave a damn about his emotions, where he was mentally, what he felt about Chloe and family. I gave a damn about Chloe in his dream world, and in the real world as she makes a radical choice. The strength was in the writing and in the performances, and I was blown away. The final five minutes, especially, everything came together beautifully: the music, cinematography, the actors - it was just fantastic. Where the plot thread of Chloe's alien blood in Scott's will go is a very intriguing concept, and I really hope the writers go that route. Great, great episode. Oh, and did anyone think PLEASANTVILLE during the dream scenes? Minus the black & white, 'course.

S06E05 - "Live Free or Twihard" (22 October 2010)
- A dark episode that continues to move the plots of the season ahead, but overall feels disjointed and a little bit disappointing. Why with the disappointment? Well, the SUPERNATURAL writers are creative folks, and always come up with some fantastic zingers and culture disses, and I anticipated a major TWILIGHT riff-fest. Instead, we got a few 'eh' remarks from Dean, some semi-uninspired mock posters for the SUPERNATURAL universes' version of TWILIGHT, and a great opening scene that nicely reflects the vampire scene right now, movies-wise. I'm thankful, but a bit sad that's all we got. The best part of the episode, by far, is when Dean is about to get turned, and Sam stops mid-rescue, stands back, and watches. He watches, man! And smirks! Frakking wicked. Now, I'm 99.99% sure it ain't Lucifer, because that would make no sense whatsoever, but I am intrigued to see if there actually is something wrong with Sam, or if his personality just substantially changed after being stuck in the cage for - um, however long he was in there. [If Dean was in Hell for 40 years in the span of four Earth months, how long would Sam be in the cage for, say, a week?] The vampire effects are also worth noting, as they were marvelous. As for SUPERNATURAL mythology this season, there seems to be emphasis on monster Alphas, so something might come out of that. It would appear a army is forming, question-mark? Whatever is on the way, count me impressed. I liked Samuel catching Sam on his big bad choice, I liked Dean going all vampire slayer in the end, and I'm interested to see what his late night visit to Lisa means for their relationship. Probably ain't good.

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