25 October 2010

MMAM - Vol. 13

The final installment of the horror themed feature month, and to tell the truth, I found this to be a toughie. I exhausted the themes that I found to be really frakking good, and it was a tad of a struggle to come up with another final one. Lo and behold, right before I'm about to post this, I flip on AMC and as part of their annual FearFest, 28 DAYS LATER is playing. Voila! Inspiration! Thus, seeing as how this is the final horror-themed MMAM, you get a double dose today! Aren't you excited?

So here we got THE EXORCIST theme, which, frankly, is far more scarier than the movie itself. Sure, there are some creepy elements to the movie, but in this day and age - well, I just saw it for the first time about a year and some change ago, and the part that freaked the shit out of me the most was near the beginning, when the priest stands up in a sandstorm and looks straight at a devil statue. Scaaaary. Otherwise, the rest of the movie? Didn't do much for me, regrettably. Still, legacy or not, it's a good film.

And as for 28 DAYS LATER, that's another flick I hadn't gotten around to seeing until recently, and ended up frakkin' loving it. Threw in the sequel a day later, which I thought was pretty damn grand as well. The great thing about 28 DAYS, too, is a specific song that is instantly recognizable these days. For example, a remixed version of it was used earlier this year in KICK-ASS, although composer John Murphy was listed as one of the 'music by' guys, so I guess it's A-OK. Anyway, it's an awesome theme. Listen, if thou dare (!):

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