11 October 2010

MMAM - Vol. 11

Depending on how often you watch(ed) SCREAM 2, you may or may not realize that this edition of Much Music Awesomeness Mondays is a direct continuation of last week's Tuesday Cap. Vol. 2. The screencap is from the scene where this haunting music originates. Composed by Danny Elfman, this three-minute bit creeps up your spine and imprints itself into your brain, refusing to relinquish its hold on you. Utterly terrifying, amazingly beautiful by every sense of the word, and majestically composed, "Cassandra Aria" demands to be heard.

In this scene, Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is on stage for rehearsal, but begins to get a little freaked out as the scene progresses because she thinks she saw her resident Ghostface in the crowd of her compatriots. It's a awesome scene that kept me on the edge of my seat, and it's also wonderful because it provides further insight into the chaos of Sydney's life, how everything is beginning to really affect her in a negative way. She's a teenage girl who is beginning to crumble. And this music reflects that in so many ways. Listen, love, download.

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