13 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 13 - Favorite Childhood Show

It's the thirteenth day of the TV meme, and the topic of the day is favorite childhood show. This is a rather difficult one as there were just as many shows I was addicted to then that I am now. The best example would be Digimon: Digital Monsters, a show I thought far superior to Pokemon any day of the year. But alas, there is one show that will always no matter what harbor a happy, emotionally resonate place in my heart.

Batman: The Animated Adventures.

My childhood. My origin of falling in love with Batman. My favorite animation of any children s program ever. Without fail, I would sit in front of the TV screen every Saturday on Kids WB to watch this series (and Batman Beyond when that aired), and for 24 minutes my young impressionable mind was awed by the images that flashed on the screen. Kevin Conroy's mesmerizing and iconic voice of the Dark Knight; Luke Skywalker's maniac take of the Joker that was only squashed by Heath Ledger's live action tour de force.

The show amazingly blended the darkness of Batman but never made it inaccessible to the audience. It somehow maintained the mythological integrity of the character, but it was through and through a children's show from beginning to end. The bad guys runs amok and is captured by Batman in the very end. But Batman: The Animated Adventures was never black & white and things were never simple. Bad things happened to good people. Innocents died or suffered at the hands of mad men. Week after week, this show succeeded in the balance of adult and youth oriented programing without fail.

But as a kid initially watching it, I was just experiencing the understandably awesome stories of Batman kicking ass.

10 years from now, when I rewatch my complete series set, I'm still gonna smile, and I'm still gonna fondly recall my memories of waking up in the morning to watch Power Rangers and Batman: The Animated Series, glued to the screen without a single thing stopping me from finding out how Batman saves the day. I will remember one of the greatest animated achievements of our time.

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