03 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 2

It's Day 2 of the TV meme, and after long and thoughtful consideration to the second days big topic - what show do I think needs more viewers - I came down to two candidates. Both have been renewed for a new season (fourth and sixth season, respectively), but one is on the verge of never being seen after this upcoming year. Why? Because lack of viewers. Viewership has been down major since the start of its third year (which boasted some pretty impressive numbers), but the finale was low.

The show I speak of is a show I love. That show is Chuck.

It's completely brilliant, nutty, insanely awesome, addicting, hilarious, cool, dramatic, and boasts one of the prettiest leading ladies on television and one of the best system of CIA agents around.

Chuck Bartowski was your average nerd working at the Buy More - the TV version of Best Buy - until he receives a e-mail from a ex-best friend that holds the secrets of the CIA. All this information gets stored inside Chuck's brain, making him a invaluable asset and possibly one of the most important human beings alive. John Casey, the stern Arnold Schwarzenegger-like character, grunts and mumbles his way through kicking bad guy ass; and Sarah Walker, a agent who is beyond beautiful, but also has a edge to her that you won't see coming until you're on the ground after she performs some sort of martial arts ass-whoopin' on yah. These two agents make up Chuck's 'handlers', people in charge of keeping him and the Intersect, a program that was inside the e-mail and holds all the CIA secrets, safe from Big Bad organizations like Fulcrum and The Ring.

This NBC show is truly one of the most consistently enjoyable hours of television every week. The scripts are top notch, and the performances and chemistry between Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin (of Firefly fame), and Yvonne Strahovski (of I'm-too-sizzling-hot-for-this-outfit fame) make this show a all out winner. Keep in mind the show isn't dead serious. It's a drama that fuses so many elements into a single hour, I wouldn't be lying if I said it invokes the feeling of Joss Whedon's powerful shows that had the ability to make you feel happy one second, sad the next, and down right depressed by the finale (which is a good thing). Basically, it's a versatile show that doesn't stay at any one category.

I'm not gonna go into too much detail, but simply implore that you take the time to Netflix or whatever the episodes. Just find a way to watch it, 'cuz the show needs your support. NBC was super generous to give the fans even a third - let alone a fourth - season; unless viewership increases, its fourth season will also be its last, and TV will forever lose one of its strongest shows.

BTW, the other show I was talking about was The CW's Supernatural, another powerful show that SHOULD NOT BE MISSED. It is my biggest recommendation that you pick this show up immediately. It's truly a fine show that defines brilliance.


Jess said...

Andy - I totally agree. I love Chuck, but this season wasn't as great as I'd hoped. Good but not great.

Andy the Time Lord said...

I agree about season 3. I just don't think the story was as STRONG as it was in season 2 - what with Shaw not being all that interesting of a character and The Ring not being nearly as intimidating as Fulcrum.

But I gotta remember - the high points sure outweighed the low. The Steve Austin episode on the airplane, everything with Kristen Kruek, the episode where Morgan finds out, the penultimate episode of the season...

Did you by any chance pick up the season 2 DVD with the 3-D glasses?

Jess said...

No, I've only seen the show when it was live on TV, though the post superbowl 3D chuck, was hysterical. I really liked it. Is it worth getting?

Andy the Time Lord said...

Well of course the DVD sets are worth getting - but the 3-D just looks lame. Basically it's your typical red and blue glasses, and even in Blu-Ray, it's not too shabby.

Hmmm. Now I wish we saw the Buy More explode in 3-D. THAT woulda been a nice way to end the season.