16 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 16 - Guilty Pleasure Program

It's the sixteenth day of the meme, and although I'm not losing juice in the writing of this meme, I am however losing my interest in writing movie reviews. I'm really feeling like I just want to write one of three things, depending on the title: "OMG! It waz 'da SHITZ!!!", "it was pretty good", or "it was not so good." Anyway, the topic of the day is my guilty pleasure show.

Not so sure if it's my worst guilty pleasure, but definitely one of my top ones is watching The CW's One Tree Hill (on DVD; I haven't had the luxury of catching it on air). It hits the guilty pleasure mark because I really won't admit to my watching it to most blokes. I'll probably just pronounce it rubbish and hope to switch topics - but the truth is: One Tree Hill is addicting in its badness and goodness.

I'm not gonna lie and say that the attractive leading ladies weren't a major factor in my choosing to watch the series. Sophia Bush (of
The Hitcher remake fame) is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. It's a freakin' sin and a sure sign that Chad Michael Murray is suffering from some severe psychological disorder to cheat on the gal after marrying her (six months in, I believe). I mean, c'mon, Sophia is a beautiful woman and puts up with your White Man Ghetto look, you should be begging her every night not to leave you, dude.

And then there's Bethany Joy Galeotti who plays the popular cheerleader girl who marries Nathan (Chad Michael Murray's half-brother in the show) and ends up knocked up. Gents, even as a 21 year old mum, this gal is smoking hot. Gorgeous, intelligent, and sassy - oh, the male actors on this show are lucky bastards.

Aside of the attractive leading ladies,
One Tree Hill also boasts some stellar dumb soap opera plots. But the real kicker is I love 'em. I love watching how it all unfolds (even the super duper ridiculous Evil Nanny storyline from season 6), and the atrocious dialogue that gets thrown around. Crazy storylines notwithstanding, I also really dug Lucas Scott's arc of becoming a successful writer to having writer's block, then to having his freshman novel picked up for a live action adaptation. It's sorta what I want to happen in my life, if I ever just stop blogging and write something down...

Basically, it doesn't get more crazy than
One Tree Hill. Betrayals, serial killer family members, psycho (ex)boyfriends, crazy nannies, grandma sleeping with a young dude, a man torn between two really beautiful women (although I'm not really a Peyton fan). If you're not too sure you want to make the plunge into starting the show at the beginning, I'd recommend starting at season 5. Trust me, you don't need any background info. There's a time skip 4 years into the future between seasons, so it's sorta like a brand spankin' new Pilot. Enjoy.

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