29 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 29 - Current Show Obsession

One day left of the TV meme, and the topic of the day is: current TV show obsession. Well, as of right now, I'm suffering from two TV-related obsessions, so I'm gonna jot both of 'em down instead of just choosing one.

I have one disc left to go [out of 7], and I can't help but say this show is freakin' phenomenal. For those unfamiliar with the show, Fringe has Special Agent Olivia Dunham team up with the rather cuckoo scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter Bishop. Together, this team has been assembled to investigate 'strange' scientific cases, things that aren't covered in your normal procedural drama. Before watching the show, the most appealing aspect of the program was the scientific possibilities of crazy things being explored on a weekly basis - telepathy, moving through space and time, gene manipulation, pushing the boundaries of ethical science, etc.

But after going through nearly 20 episodes, the real heart of the show is the dynamic between the central team, watching how Olivia, Peter, and Walter interact with each other (as well as their lab assistant Astrid who isn't given nearly enough screentime until the final dose of eps). Especially interesting is the Walter and Peter relationship, as they are your typical estranged father & son combo. As the season progresses, even Olivia gains more depth than one would initially have speculated. Basically, it's a very intelligent show that's very cleverly written and splendidly acted by every member of the cast, main and guest-wise. Definitely recommended.

And by no means am I a man who likes his cop shows, but FX's freshman program Justified is bloody terrific. To my complete surprise, Timothy Olyphant (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) is magnificent in the role of Raylan, the show's main character who won't hesitate to shoot if necessary. Olyphant owns the role completely, and handles the burden of being the lead with relative ease. The acting greatness extends to the one-shot guest stars as well as the recurring character played by Walton Goggins (forgot the characters name, pardon) of SHIELD fame. Each 43 minute episode flies by like no time has passed at all, and you're eagerly left wishing the next episode would start basically ASAP. It's a testament to the intelligent writing that's filled with great characters and some truly excellent dialogue that's both real and hilarious simultaneously. Even if you don't dig cop shows as I did, JUSTIFIED is at least worth giving a chance to.

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