21 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 21 - Favorite Relationship

It's the twenty-first day of the TV meme, and the topic is: favorite TV relationship. Considering that every show on every network ever made has some sort of romance in it, this could possibly be quite a difficult decision, no? And with the amount of programs I watch, there's dozens upon dozens to choose from: Chuck and Sarah from Chuck; Bill Adama and Laura Roslin in Battlestar Galactica; Jack Bauer and Renee Walker in 24; Veronica and Logan in Veronica Mars; Angel and Buffy on Buffy and Angel; Wesely and Lilah on Angel; Sawyer and Juliet on Lost; President Logan and Martha Logan on 24; Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill; Kimberly and Tommy on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; and other people that I can't think of right now 'cuz it's 12:42 AM in the mornin'.

But my choice is a sort of anti-relationship. Well, there's a relationship, just not a, y'know, relationship. As in 'I-smooch-you, you-smooch-me' kind of deal. Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Inara on Firefly fit the bill of my favorite TV relationship. Why? Because, quite honestly, with the exception of Chuck and Sarah (on Chuck) I've never been more invested in a relationship, like, ever. The way these two characters are so obviously drawn to one another but do their best to deny it and not remotely show their true feelings concerning the matter. It's akin to a game a protagonist and antagonist would engage in to size one another up; here, Malcolm and Inara engage in a verbal slam-fest which is basically their hit-ons. These two love each other, but they refuse to give in or someone's about to say something and then something wedges its way between them. It's fun and it's humorous.

Plus, Inara is really hot. That could possibly help with my liking this relationship. So, in a nutshell, their verbal disses, their lovely moon-eyes, and their obvious affection for one another (even though they may not reveal it) make them my favorite relationship on the tube. Well, ex-relationship, since the show is much with the being canceled. But anyway, Firefly is a fantastic show on its own right; but watching these two interact with each other is just as fun as listening to Whedon's brilliant dialogue. Malcolm and Inara. Coolest non-couple/sorta couple ever.

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