25 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 25 - Show I Plan on Watching

We're nearing the final few days of the TV meme, and the topic is: show I plan on watching (new or old). Well, that's sort of easy to suss out considering I just rented a bunch of TV seasons from the library and have a few more episodes of shows I need to catch up on. So, in no particular order of viewing, here is my list of shows I plan on watching (for the first time):

Title: Fringe
Season: 1
Status: Watched 12 out of 22 episodes
Comments: Created by the man who brought you Lost (J.J. Abrams) and the duo who wrote Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Star Trek (Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman), and starring a pretty Australian gal and that Dawson's Creek kid, Fringe is a pretty entertaining and always engaging program that's smartly written, beautifully shot, and magnificently scored (by Giacchino, no less). Admittedly, there are times where the show becomes rather formulaic with 'case of the week' type stuff, but then we're rewarded with a episode or two that delve deep into the shows growing mythology. It's already a guarantee that I'll catch up with season 2 before the premiere of 3, I might even end up buying 'em. Quite recommended for people who dig thrillers, hot girls, and mysteries.

Title: True Blood
Season: 2
Status: Watched the first 2 episodes
Comments: I'm not the biggest fan of True Blood, but I'm intrigued enough to continue watching. I bought the first season as a blind buy, but ended up selling it back for credit towards a new season set of Doctor Who. Although I've heard a lot of great things about the show's sophomore season, I didn't really have the money or interest to validate another blind buy, so I've held off for Netflix getting it, which they just started shipping on 22 June. From the little bit I've seen, looks like fun. Anna Paquin has already been naked once, Michelle Forbes is showing off her freaky side, and Eric's getting a little blood happy. So, all seems cool. If the show continues to interest me, I just might pursue season 3.

Title: Sanctuary
Season: 1
Status: Unwatched - Pending
Comments: Another show in the science fiction universe that has received generally favorable reviews, I know nearly nothing about it but two things: 1) Amanda Tapping of Stargate: SG-1 fame is the lead actress in this series, and 2) the show is nearly entirely filmed with blue & green screens (a la 300). Both of my bosses have seen the series and one even owns them on Blu-Ray, so that must be some indication that it's a good show, right? Right?!?! Well, on the bright side, it's not a blind buy, and I can at least just get a feel for what type of program it is.

Title: The Sarah Jane Adventures
Season: 1
Status: Unwatched - Pending
Comments: I love Doctor Who - in case that hasn't been acknowledged yet - and the people behind the new 2004-present series created this children-oriented spin-off. As far as I can tell, it has the potential to be both good and really, really bad. I know that one of the bad guys featured in Series 1 of Doctor Who make for a formidable foe, and that a newly constructed K-9 (a robotic dog that speaks) is more integral to the story than ever before in the mythology. I'm not exactly too keen on watching this show, but I do so for my love of all things Doctor Who related. Or perhaps my time would better be served just sampling a episode and deciding from there...?

Title: Carnivale
Season: 2
Status: 1 out of 12 watched
Comments: A long, long, long time ago I watched the first season of this HBO produced show that starred that kid from Terminator 3 - Nick Stahl. Honestly, I don't really know what to make of the program. The Apocalyptic, good versus evil theme really appeals to me, and from the first episode of the sophomore season is any indication, that theme will really be expounded upon here in its final season. But at the same time, there are plenty of elements that disturb me or just simply don't interest me. There's many characters that live in the carnival that I don't care for, such as Sofie, the gal who can 'read' cards. And then there's the scary folk: the woman with a mustache. Luckily, the good vs. evil element is strong enough to keep my interest. Besides, it's the last season; I can make it through, right?

Title: Justified
Season: 1
Status: 4 out of 13 watched
Comments: I typically hate police shows, with only one exception to the rule - The Shield. Most of the time, it's just the same old storyline week after week with never-evolving, cliche-ridden characters. Yep, much with the dislike. But turns out this little FX show, with Timothy Olyphant as the lead, is quite charismatic and addicting. I watched the first episode out of interest, and before I knew it I spent the rest of the night watching three more [until sleep deprivation took over]. Justified is, for all intents and purpose, possibly the best new show of the season (sorry SG-U). For being a seriously shot show, there's a surprising about of humor in every episode, and the cast is pretty stellar, such as the jaw-dropping awesomeness of Walton Goggins (ironically, a Shield veteran). Highly recommended, and a definite DVD purchase for me when it gets released.


I've also been on the look-out for the 2007 Sci-Fi Channel Original Series Flash Gordon online, so if you know any streaming outlets that offer the program, please let me know. After all these shows have been watched and I catch up with some others, I just might re-watch the first season of Lost and (possibly) all of Angel. Writing about those two lately have inspired me.


Reel Whore said...

I can't talk enough good about Justified. Tops in my book.

It took me a while to get into Fringe. I watched all of S1 and just felt like it was "something to watch" S2 helped improve my opinion. I stayed for Walter and I was not disappointed.

Still need to get on Carnivale & True Blood.

Andy the Time Lord said...

I'm on the last disc on FRINGE, and the mythology is really heating up. This just might end up being a new obsession.

Be warned about CARNIVALE - it definitely calls into the 'odd' category, and is a bit slow to get goin'. TRUE BLOOD feels very book-y, with the entire season being a three-act piece of literature. Slowish, but yet those 50 minutes seem to fly by relatively quickly (as opposed to CARNIVALE).

This may be a dumb question, but has JUSTIFIED officially been renewed for season two?

Reel Whore said...

I saw 1-2 eps of Carnavale back when it aired and it was slow.

I've heard nothing but good about Tru Blood so I'm excited.

Yep, Justified was renewed. Yay!