15 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 15 - Favorite Female Character

It's the fifteenth day of the TV meme, and the topic of the day is: favorite female character. This was sort of a toughie because, truthfully, there aren't too many female characters that I strongly like. I was thinking Buffy Summers or Willow Rosenberg from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, or perhaps Cordelia Chase from both Buffy and Angel. But then last night I was surfing through my DVD collection because I was sorta unsure of what to watch, and came across the three-season DVD set of Veronica Mars. For those who aren't familiar with the show, it was a UPN production for two seasons and then moved to The CW when that channel 23/29 merger happened about four years back.

Veronica Mars, the title hero, was a 17-year old gal who had some pretty sucky last few years of high school. She had the popular boyfriend and hung out with his friends and were BFFs with his sister, Lily. Then Lily died, and that changed everything. She also got drugged one night and had her virginity floating around town somewhere. Her mom left town when her dad - the Sheriff - started losing favor to the townsfolk. So she lost her friends, her family, her virginity, and she's just a mess.

And yet even after all that shit Veronica is a fine, grounded, and highly intelligent individual who doesn't take any bullshit from her peers and is quite the awesome person in her own damn right. On a role model for young girls level, Veronica takes the cake. She is the boss, and she doesn't even need Chosen One powers or anything like that. A great thing about Veronica is that she is 100% her own person - which is a nice testament to the writers. Of course she has her love interests - Duncan, Logan, Piz - but they don't become her, if y'know what I mean. Her entire arc isn't about who she will or won't hook up with.

Her sassy attitude, her self-assured individuality, and her drive to live life even in really shitty circumstances - plus her awesome one-liners - makes Veronica Mars one of my favorite female characters evah.

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