06 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 6

Day 6 of the TV Meme continues with the topic of the day being favorite episode of your favorite TV show. Well, sadly I've already compiled a list like this before the transmission date of Doctor Who Series 5, so I feel like I might become repetitious if I select the ones that I selected there (which were in no particular order, I believe). Luckily, the first episode of Series 5 was so strong that is has quickly become one of my favorites.

"The Eleventh Hour" is damn near perfect. Although I'm not one of the fans who were head over shoes in love with the newly regenerated Doctor trying out and subsequently not liking a bunch of Amelia Pond's food choices, the overall episode was brilliantly fantastic. A perfect introduction piece that's first and foremost all about establishing the eleventh Doctor, played magnificently by 27-year old Matt Smith (apparently the youngest actor to play The Doctor yet). The plot, the villain, the beautiful new score composed by Murray Gold that compliments what he accomplished before and what's to be expected for the rest of the series...basically, it's one outstanding episode that accomplishes SO much in a special 65 minute episode.
Even with its lenghty running time, I swear this episode flies by at lightning Superman speed. I've watched "The Eleventh Hour" about, say, 5 times by now, and I'm still loving the hell out of it. I would label it as one of them 'special' episodes - a episode that requires no background information on the series and can be enjoyed by all audiences, and for the techno-philies and Doctor Who nerds, the layers of callbacks and geeky details make this episode even more bloody fantastic. And that, ladies and gents, is why the British sci-fi program Doctor Who is one of the best television shows ever created.

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ScottM said...

So far the whole Fifth series of Dr Who is great. I have watched Six Episodes and can't wait for more. You'll have to tell me when I can reserve it. Episode Six is almost as good as episode one.