17 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 17 - Favorite Mini-Series

Bad me, I'm posting the Day 17 TV meme a day late. Oh well, I have good reasons! I went over to Mankato University today to send in my application and transcripts, so here's hoping that they'll accept me and everything will go smoothly, and in about two months, I'm hitting college big-league style! Of course, that also means more constrictions on the net, but I prefer not to think about that right now. Anyhow, the topic of the day is favorite mini-series.

Truth be told, I haven't watched many mini-series. Like, three, I think. [BTW, doesn't the 2 1/2 hour "Pilot" of the 2004 Battlestar Galactica count as a mini-series?] So out of that large category to select of, I'd say my favorite is the 2000 Sci-Fi Channel adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune. One of my favorite memories of going to the movies as a child was walking into the Har Mar Mall movie theater as the previews were playing, and the first sight I see (near the end of the Dune trailer) is a shot of this giant worm-like thingy with colossal teeth charging up into the air [straight at the camera] and about to devour a spacecraft or something. It was awesome.

Despite my utter jaw-dropping wowness to the trailer, I didn't end up seeing it until last year. And it's pretty tight. Widely imaginative, extremely engaging, tight scripting, the awesomeness of William Hurt, and a decent SPFX budget all make this epic pretty freakin' epic. The story has action and political intrigue and revenge - all really great elements that are perfectly put together in a thrilling narrative. Now I'm not about to go read the actual book the movie's based on, or rent David Lynch's 1980's Dune (which I heard was pretty bad), but I like the miniseries enough to make it a definite recommend.

RUNNER-UP: It was either ABC or NBC many years back, but they aired a 4-or something-part miniseries called The 10th Kingdom that was pretty damn awesome. It's still available at most retail outlets for about $12.99 (or, of course, Netflix), and for anyone who is interested in the meshing of reality and fantasy complimented by campy humor, you'll most definitely get a kick out of this program.

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