04 June 2010

TV Meme: Day 5

Day 5 and I'm still going at this meme strong! Yah me! Alright, today's topic is what show do I hate. It took me a full 60 seconds to contemplate the matter, until I was reminded of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Immediately my body temperature become warm with hatred and utter revulsion. Oh yes, I have found my topic!

I would much rather watch and rewatch the outrageous and far more plausible shenanigans of all them kids over at One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. No matter the 'I have a evil twin brother!' or 'my son's nanny kidnapped my husband's Satanic father!' plots, it was at least entertaining, which is a far cry from this show. It's just excruciating. Utterly painful. And sorry folks, if you're reading this and you like the show. This is just my viewpoint of this...abomination.

My reasons for hating the show:
  • #1: the dialogue. It's atrocious, a big middle finger to writers who attempt to craft something decent even out of a really, really shitty show - and by that, I mean NBC/ABC/whoever's "Cavemen" program of a few years back that lasted a single episode (at least it aired). Repetition of dialogue is a constant, a character asking for further clarification of a obvious sentence, the sheer stupidity of characters' dialogue, and the biggest annoyance of all: the line "gonna have a baby" is repeated at least 72 times per episode. A variation of the topic can't possibly be used? Like, "Hey! I'm pregnant!" Nope. "Having a baby." Every time. Well, nearly everytime. But even that's waaayy too much.

  • #2: the characters suck. With the exception of the shows slutty character Adrian who has more depth and layers of personality than ANYONE on the entire show, everyone is friggin' ridiculous. Razzie worthy, and I'm not just talking about the actors - the characters are shameful.

  • I don't know what to think about the mentally handicapped kid. Should I applaud the show for featuring such a actor as a integral part of the storyline instead as a side joke? Or should I scold them for it? To their credit, that character's storyline on the show hasn't nearly been as bad as the others - minus the whole hooker incident.

  • Stereotypes. The show practically relishes indulging in stereotypes. Not one character is unique.

  • This goes to dialogue again - everyone has to say everyone's FULL NAME. Multiple times! In one episode! And they know each other! It's as annoying as Chloe and Clark saying "Lionel Luthor" and "Lex Luthor" in a big dramatic way. When I refer to someone I KNOW very well, I'm not gonna say "Jenna Diane". Nope. Just "Jenna." Not, "Hey, it's Jenna Diane!" This is probably a rather dumb complaint, but it's a peeve of mine.

I'm sincerely sorry if I offended anyone who loves the show. I just hate it. Every episode totally deserves a Mystery Science Theater commentary.

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