04 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 04

Day 04 - Movie That Makes You Laugh Every Time

Sure, this just might label me as totally and utterly immature for still finding this funny, but whenever I'm having a bad day, or whenever I need to have a real, honest-to-God good laugh, I pop in this 2003 comedic masterpiece, AMERICAN WEDDING. As I said elsewhere on this blog, the AMERICAN PIE franchise is a series I hold close to my heart, even (partially) the ridiculous string of direct-to-DVD flicks Universal has chummed out since...er, '06? They're my BREAKFAST CLUB, the flicks I watched as I was enduring teenhood and the much-loathed character of Stifler was my conduit for saying everything nasty and vial that I ever wanted to say but chose not to.

The great thing is with the PIE franchise is that the writers, directors, and actors pushed themselves to be a bit more than just "the film about a guy fucking a pie." These movies have heart - oi! don't laugh, dude! - and I respect them for that. Why did I signal out AMERICAN WEDDING above them all? It's quite the funny movie, obviously, but there's one prime reason that I selected this one: the Stifler/Hotel clerk sequence. No matter how many times I hear Stifler go on a rampage against the poor, poor hotel clerk for losing his room reservation, I always laugh. Yeah, I admit it. Hell, even the dog poop scene with Stifler was funny, and I don't normally find poop jokes at all humorous in any dimension. So AMERICAN WEDDING it is. Just be glad I didn't chose my runner-up, Steve Martin's THE PINK PANTHER (2006), then you'd probably think I was crazy or something...

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