12 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 12

Day 12 - Best Soundtrack/Background Music in a Scene

Oooooooo! Soooo many to choose from! I am so completely literally torn between these two, so I decided to just post both of them. The first choice was something that just popped in my head, after all I've been listening to it a lot in-between trips from home to Mankato and back again. But the more I listen to it, the more I believe that it truly is utterly fantastic; an amazing piece of music, despite the similar themes Zimmer would reprise with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

And now for choice 1.5, a composition that just arrived this year, and I seriously can't fathom how utterly beautiful and perfect it is listening to it solo, let alone the events in the movie.

My apologies for picking two, but suffice it to say, this was difficult. I love movie scores, and picking just ONE great soundtrack/background song - hard as hell. But please listen, and hope you enjoy!

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