22 September 2010

EDITORIAL - Apologies

In case you haven't notice the severe lack of posting regularity and maintaining any sort of schedule, well - thanks for not noticing. However, I sorta feel bad about that. I've been playing catch-up with the Movie Meme [it also doesn't help that I get super stumped sometimes, such as 'Favorite Kiss', and other times I make up a answer in haste that I later regret - ugh], and neglecting my movie watching, and neglecting my recently created schedule. So, right now, I'm basically gonna say screw it.

No schedule. The only two things that remain the same will be the MMAM and The Watcher. I got plenty of reviews to write, so I'll at least be staying true to that. Thus, Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek will be in good waters. Movies and TV shows will/are the prime objective of the site, and with The Watcher, the TV aspect will be covered rather thoroughly, so yippie with that.

I'd also like to acknowledge that next month I plan on taking part of David Bishop's One Month Exploring Netflix Streaming, or more appropriately, OMENS. I already have quite the heavy Netflix Streaming list, and with my nifty new headphones recently acquired from Wal-Mart, I'm downright ready to get me some Netflix watching going.

One last thing, so you can understand the atrocious pain I've been dealing with the last two weeks: poetry. I'm quite certain there's very, very few things in existence that is as wicked, vile, and simply evil as poetry. Just reading it and giving a reader response is fine - I'm groovy with that. But having to write a three to five page analytical paper, not only pointing out poetry jargon but also using it in the document...it was just very uber-crazy. However, hazzah! The Final Draft was turned in this morning, and the sure-to-fail poetry test I took on Monday actually produced a high C. So, mesa much with the happy. Again, my apologies. Evil homework took precedence. [Never thought I would say that...]

And before I sign off, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD hits DVD/Blu-Ray November 9th. Buy it first day, or you are so not cool:

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David Bishop said...

I ran into the same problem doing the movie meme. Some of those things you just don't have an answer for right away and you end up just going with some sort of compromise half the time.

Nice to see you're taking up my OMENS quest. It's a pretty daunting thing, and I didn't anticipate how hard it would be to do school, tutoring, and OMENS all at the same time. I'm just praying I can get all my posts in before September ends (I'm already 3 entries behind).