20 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 20

Day 20 - Favorite Kiss

I recognize that THE PRINCESS BRIDE is perhaps the most logical choice, but what I take away from that movie is the awesome sword fights, the hilarious script, and the overall funness of the film. I don't care about the romantic element of the film at all. In fact, I've pondered this topic for a long, long, long time, and I still don't have a solid, completely honest answer. So I'm going with a rather gut reaction. Here's a kiss that I always turn my attention to whenever the film is playing at work. A kiss that I can't help but root for. This kiss is when Harry Potter finally caves into his hormones and kisses Cho Chang in HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Thank the Gods, Harry Potter finally snogged a gal!

The setting is a sweet and comedic one. Cho is reminiscing about her vampire boyfriend Edward and how Voldemort cursed him to drink from human blood for the rest of eternity, and for some stupid reason glow in sunlight. Perhaps Voldey was hoping some jealous boyfriend would stake the poor sod. Anyhow, Harry, being the kind bloke he is, offers sympathetic statements about Edward, saying he knew all this wizardy stuff and Voldemort just knows more. Cho recognizes this niceness on Harry's part, and then her hormones and desires cave, and the two embrace in a kiss. The comedic part? The Room of Requirement creating a mistletoe for the two, providing a avenue for them to smooch. And Harry's "no idea" he quickly throws out before he tilts his head forward. I pretty much love this scene, and I, like so many in the theater during that midnight showing, were vocally rooting for our dear Harry. Now 'cuz I'm a Harry/Ginny shipper, if that scene in HALF-BLOOD was done one tenth as good, you can bet that'd be here instead of this.


Rachel said...

Ugh...damn you Bonnie Wright! I blame her for the lack of chemistry between Harry and Ginny. This is a great kiss but HBP should've beaten it.

Andy the Time Lord said...

Hell yes!!!

They are so well written in the book, but the movie...man, they're all awkward and performance-flat. So very much disappointing.

That quick shot in DEATHLY HALLOWS of a Harry/Ginny embrace gives me a *little* bit of hope.

Rachel said...

Ron and Hermione exhibit the proper kind of awkward in their relationship, since they've been friends for so long. It shines with a sweet charm.

Sadly Harry and Ginny's relationship should share a similar tone, but theirs turns into creepy, kissing-your-brother on-the-lips awkwardness.