16 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 16

Day 16 - Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Ugh, I hate the label 'Guilty Pleasure'. I don't have any guilty pleasures - I know what I like/love, and I'll tell the world, damnit! Hmmmm....OK, OK. Guilty pleasure. Well, not my absolute favorite, but it's a topper. Alright, y'know, I'm gonna admit it: I own all three HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL movies. Y'dig? Now I know the popular thing is to hate them, call them the biggest piece of bollocks in the known universe. But no. That's CAMP ROCK. That's Nick's SPECTACULAR. Disney's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL movies are actually pretty decent. The first was fun, the second was so insanely stupid with a so insanely stupid message, but it was still fun, but the third is the one I watch the most. Everything was firing on all cylinders. Good music, good cinematography [a bigger budget does that], and finally some pretty good acting, with Efron showing that he gotz skillz, and Vanessa Hudgens being as hot as ever.

So go ahead, make fun of me if yee'd like. I dig the HSM movies. I find them fun. Other guilty pleasures: GOOD BURGER, CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK [it's only a guilty pleasure 'cuz I feel like I'm missing something when everyone calls it horrible beyond all reason, even though I frakkin' LOVE the movie], and LAKE PLACID. Actually, y'know what? LAKE PLACID deserves a honorable mention. It was released in the same 2000 summer of DEEP BLUE SEA [another bombastically awesome movie], and suffice to say, it's hard to think of another damn good croc movie like this one. Great one-liners, a great animatronic and not-so-great-but-still-enjoyable CGI croc, Brendan Gleeson, Bill Pullman, cow, explosion, half-eaten body, foreboding music, pretty ugly lake cinematography - the makings of a great movie is all there. So here we go: Favorite Guilty Pleasure: a split between HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 and LAKE PLACID!

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