24 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 24

Day 24 - Quote You Use Most Often

"Why, Mr. Anderson, why?"

Out of c
ontext, no apparent reason, dunno why I do it, I just say it. A lot. Girlfriend gets all 'ugh' when I say it, and I get all 'ugh' when I say it. It just sorta comes out, y'know? More often than not, I quote television material, like DOCTOR WHO. However, the Wachowski Siblings (as they're now called) are very gifted writers, so whenever I quote a movie, it's typically something associated with them. I quite often quote the V FOR VENDETTA monologue which I memorized by heart in high school - turns out, chicks didn't quite dig that as much as I did. I also quote the speech from MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, such as that one line above but in the full form. Basically, those two movies I quote - a lot. Here and there I quote some AMERICAN WEDDING, but only when I'm in a rather foul mood and I channel my inner Stifler. So, yeah...

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