16 September 2010

The Watcher: 9/3-9/16

Another two weeks before my shows resume, so it's back to catch-up time! I've also added the first season of Mad Men to my Netflix Que, so hopefully I can begin watching that and (eventually) review it. Until that time, enjoy the awesomeness of these shows! Oh, and I shall resume Caprica rather soonish.

S01E11 - "The New Normal" (24 March 2008) - After renting the Chapter One DVD, I couldn't stop. Racing over to the nearest computer, ransacked through Hulu, and began to watch like a crazy possessed person. So, basically, expect GREEK reviews each week. Season 1.5 starts off with a rather damn good episode. Rachel, the girl I thought I wouldn't be able to tolerate, is now becoming a character that I look forward to seeing, thanks to this new 'relationship' with Cappie. Rusty is still a character I'm not particularly fond of, but I can still get behind the dude, so when he stupidly goes to see Jenny K [a character that I was disappointed to see go, and equally disappointed to see not having a recurring role anymore], I couldn't help but yell at the dude - with my mind, 'course, 'cuz everyone in the computer lab would be quite taken aback with my odd behavior, no doubt. Casey as a single girl is a nice development, Calvin is dealing with being 'homeless' after his gayness got outed inadvertently in the mid-season finale, Evan is being a douche, Cappie is as awesome as always, and this new character Lizzie is....obnoxious.

S01E12 - "The Great Cappie" (31 March 2008) - A super fun episode where I spent nearly the entire time wishing I was Cappie. Ah, great man.

S01E13 - "Highway to the Discomfort Zone" (7 April 2008) - Only if I was that 16 year old. Hmmm. Dale trying to convert Calvin to heterosexuality was nothing short of hilarious in true Dale fashion. Rusty - big surprise - is one upping everyone in Kappa Tau, and his pledge brothers aren't too pleased with that. By episodes end, he does everything in his power to make them all happy. Their big solution to show to Cappie isn't anything remotely with the interesting, really. I did like Cappie being straightforward honest with Casey and telling her what's going on between him and Rebbecca, and I also enjoyed Casey's disapproving glares of evilness. Oh, the Casey/Cappie/Rebbecca triangle is just way too fun.

S01E14 - "War and Peace" (14 April 2008) - About time Casey told Evan what's what. Since the mid-season finale, Evan has displayed nothing but jerktacularness in every scene he's in that doesn't have him defending Calvin. Otherwise, jerko. So when Casey said enough was enough, and gave her a piece of her mind, it was nothing short of beautiful. Kudos, Casey. The remainder of the episode - don't remember. However, major props also need to be given to the Kappa Tau for their inventive retribution against the Omega Chi's. That was pretty damn sweet.

S01E15 - "Freshman Daze" (21 April 2008) - The flashback episode that provides light for what happened between Cappie and Casey, as well as the spark that started the Casey and Evan relationship. Overall, about what I expected. What I didn't expect, though, was how assy Cappie had acted towards Casey. I love the guy, I do, but even I was pissed at the dude for forgetting to pick her up. Flash forward to the present, it was nonetheless spectacular to see him remedy the situation with Rachel, to show the growth that Cappie's undergone. Well, in some areas of his life, at least. I'm glad that Evan realized he wanted Casey back just when she realized how much she doesn't want him anymore, and I'm grateful that from this point forward new relationships and storylines will blossom.

S01E16 - "Move on Cartwrights" (28 April 2008) - All I'm going to say about this episode is that Dale is still a cool cat, but Rusty has the makings of a potential stalker serial killer. As a viewer watching the episode on Hulu, even I was scared shitless for my safety. That dude has no social abilities nor understandings of the dating mechanics - despite being in a fraternity and living on college and shagging his ex-girlfriend of a few weeks for the last six or so months. Rusty went from a alright character to nearly insufferable. Too bad this isn't the type of show that has him killed off helping Jack Bauer save the world.

S01E17 - "47 Hours and 11 Minutes" (5 May 2008) - It's a little disappointing that GREEK went with the contrived subplot of Rachel being a little bit embarrassed of Cappie being her boyfriend, and thus decided to not show him to her father, Senator Logan - y'know, except to piss her daddy off. Kudos to Cappie and actor Scott Michael Foster, though, for providing a very real, very mature and grounded performance, instead of over-acting in the hands of a less confidant and gifted actor.

S01E01 - "Pilot" (9 September 2010) - Never watched a single episode of the original Le Femme Nikita TV show from a few zillion eons ago [over exaggeration, can't you tell?], so I'm entering this particular series with a blank slate. And thus far, I'm digging it. I'm excited to see where they take this series, however long it lasts with a premise like it has. A rogue assassin trained by the government isn't too fond of them anymore thanks to taking out her love of all loves, and vows to take some vengeance out and ruin Division [the evil organization] forever. Well, damn! Sign me up! Nikita starts off with a bang, quite literally, with some super cool action sequences as well as plenty of opportunities for star Maggie Q to show off her body in skin-tight outfits. Also, the addition of this Alex character, and the subsequent twist at the end that I didn't see coming at all, has most definitely got me intrigued by the show. Plus the addition of a gazillion familiar names: Xander Berkly (24), Shane West (ER), Maggie Q (Mission: Impossible III), Lyndsey Fonseca (Kick-Ass), and Melinda Clarke (The O.C.) - yeah, I'm pumped! A definitely recommended new show - even on The CW.

S06E04 - "Breakout" (20 July 2010) - One of the benchmarks of Rescue Me is the shows ability to combine hilarious dialogue with really dramatic storylines. "Breakout" has Lou in the hospital, post-collapse, and everyone at the FDNY giving him a hard shitty time in true fashion, and then construct a breakout for the poor bloke. It's a comedic episode, but a filler nonetheless. Disappointing really. The two Stooges continue to be dumb, thus providing a good amount of jokes, and there's a interesting subplot with a firefighter friend of theirs who now has cancer, but that's about it. The real gem of the episode is the final eight minutes, when Tommy walks over to the church where Father Phil gives the good lad some enlightenment. I was a huge fan of Gallagher from The O.C., but I still don't have a hold on his performance yet; not sure if I like it, or find it over the top. Nonetheless, I'm intrigued enough by this plotline, I hope it finds further development and/or resolution.

S06E05 - "Blackout" (27 July 2010) - Tommy utterly shit-faced. His drinking went nine bazillion percent overboard [unbeknown to him, his bottle was sorta poisoned by some 'concerned' family members], and the episode plays as a search for Colleen, as Tommy desperately tries to remember details of the previous night. A episode pivotal for Tommy's downward spiral to perhaps reach its limit, it provided a lot of drama between Tommy and not only Janet, but his FDNY buddies. Plus there's Tommy with his thong. Yep, Tommy with a thong. Perhaps the frighting highlight of the episode?

S03E05 - "Trouble" (18 July 2010) - The last two scenes made the episode worth it, honestly. Russel trying to snatch Sookie, only for her mystical powers to send the guy aching with pain. And then Eric remembering something from his past that will directly reflect the future. Speaking of that memory, it was beautifully lit and shot - and by that, I am very much thinking of that eerie shot of the cloaked figure outside the doorway in the snow. Freak-ey. The rest of the episode I couldn't care less about. I'm still digging Franklin and his utter insanity - I wager this is what the Joker would be like vamped up. I'm liking Alcide, and hope his storyline and character picks up to accomplish greater things. Until this, consider "Trouble" a necessary filler.

S03E06 - "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues" (25 July 2010) - A gorgeous, bloody opening five minutes, leading to a bloody but otherwise "eh" fifty-some other minutes. Tara grows some serious balls in this episode, showcasing a tough ass side of her that has been depressingly vacant for a long, long time. Not only does she plan the escape, but she also smashes Franklin's head in, and that was by golly a gorgeous sight to behold. And I don't mean that in a super sick way, dudes and lady dudes. Sam leaves his bar again to go do something heroic (?), Jason becomes further enthralled by this new chick he just met, and there's some nice sequences between Russel and the Queen. Lorena gets the opportunity to torture Bill before hurting him - and I quite didn't mind watching the obnoxious vampire suffer. Damn is this show getting bloody.

S03E07 - "Hitting the Ground" (1 August 2010) - Wow, now if that wasn't a pretty, gory death for Lorena, who is ever so nicely allowed a "What are you?" to Sookie before getting with the deadness. Man, this show sure has upped the gore level. Last season was sex, sex, sex - this season is very much shaping up to be a horror fans wet dream, in a way. Another good example of this would be the beheading of the Magister by Russel at episodes end.


Rachel said...


I was the same as you. I started watching (just before S3 premiered) and couldn't stop. It's so addictive. I'm sad it's ending next year, but I'm glad they get their last 10 episodes to wrap things up instead of being unceremoniously dumped like so many series.

Andy the Time Lord said...

I thought you'd like that.

Did you hear the good news about the season three DVD? Apparently Shout! or some other company picked up the distribution rights, and will release the ENTIRE third season on DVD in early January to coincide with S4, which will get a (probably) summer release.

I'm glad the show is getting some sort of closure, a accomplishment ABC refused to KYLE XY (jerks).

What were some of your thoughts on season one?

Rachel said...

So far Season 1 is the only one I own and I've watched it repeatedly. I only have it via iTunes, so I'm waiting for the series to end before buying all the seasons on dvd.

But I love Season 1. I know you didn't say much about The Great Cappie, but it is my favorite episode and probably the one I've watched the most.

I think all of Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 are the greatest. They cover one full school year. The second half of Seaon 2 is really good, especially when a certain former ZBZ sister causes a lot of trouble. The first 2 seasons are the best due to the hardcore greek politics they show, which are very true to life, from my experience.

Season 3 was good, but I can see why the show needs to end, so I'm okay with upcoming finale. I'm glad they're not going to keep the show gong when half the characters are suppose to be graduating and moving away, a huge issue I foresee for Glee. The problem with Season 3 is there really isn't a good villain (for lack of a better word) and the rivalry between the greeks isn't as pronounced, so it loses some of the momentum that had me going through the first and second seasons. It becomes too much about relationships.

I'm just glad I gave it a chance. I just assumed it was a cheesefest until I actually watched the pilot and was hooked.