07 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 07

Day 07 - Least Favorite Movie from a Favorite Actor/Actress

Another category with a million different choices, I'm just gonna simplify this one. One of my top favorite actors working in Hollywood today is Clive Owen. I fell head over shoes in love with the guy in CHILDREN OF MEN, and then SHOOT 'EM UP, and since then, have been trying to catch up with his career and watch any of his newer films. That led me to DUPLICITY (2009). The trailer looked good. Plus, the brute force of the two coolest actors ever to exist - Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatii - at each others throat? Um, joygasm! Essentially, my ticket was sold first day. Turns out the movie was rather rubbish. Long, boring, and I didn't really give a damn about the story or characters by the halfway point of the feature film. My dislike for the film wages on even now, where I adamantly refuse to watch it on the tele (now that my college has cable! Did I mention?)

And a current least favorite movie from a actress is Kristen Bell's WHEN IN ROME, which came out at the beginning of this year. Now I do love Kristen - after all, she's going to be a future wife of mine someday - but with the amount of talent that she possesses, why does she continue to take such dodgy roles like this and her upcoming feature YOU AGAIN. And I know that girl has talent. Look no further than all three seasons of VERONICA MARS, a show that is utterly amazing, not just because of Kristen Bell, but the writing and the support cast were equally as successful. Kristen, hun, I'll back you no matter what, but please start diversifying your role selection.


Rachel said...

Shockingly, despite my dislike for Ms. Roberts, I liked Duplicity for what it was. I won't ever see it again and in six months won't be able to tell you 5 things about it, but at the time I found myself not wanting to slit my wrists. It's probably because I went in with ultra low expectations. That's the key.

Andy the Time Lord said...

Well, didn't really wanna slit my wrists...

Yeah, I agree about the ultra low expectations. I guess I judged the trailer too highly [it was, after all, a well put together trailer], thinking it would be this great quirky comedy. Oh well - still glad I saw it for Giamati and Wilkinson.