23 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 23

Day 23 - Favorite Explosion or Action Scene

At this point it's almost a cliche to choose this one, but I blame it entirely on Christopher Nolan for crafting the most original, most invigorating, most 'Holy shit!' action scene in recent memory [sorry Anakin vs. Obi-Wan, I still love you, honestly]. Don't know what I'm talking about yet? Well, it's still somehow on the Top 10 box office charts thanks to good word of mouth and repeated screenings, and is one of the top five best ticketsellers of the year. I speak of Nolan's INCEPTION, the "Hamster Wheel Hallway Fight" [is that what it's really called?].

Alright, so now that I've chosen that, why exactly did I? Well, we, the movie bloggers, go to the movies to experience something, so watch a film that will hopefully move us and have us fall in love with it. More often than not, we're greeted with movies that are either extremely lackluster or simply "yeah, that was good." INCEPTION is original, INCEPTION is beautiful, not only in the aspect of cinematography but as well as in the script department. And then this scene happens, this hallway fight sequence, and my jaw drops. I'm floored. I can't process the awesomeness of what I am watching, of the sheer technical skill, brilliance of execution, and lack of computer generated effects utilized in this very real, very powerful scene that also brings some [sorta] real jeopardy to the situation. And when you have a scene as brilliant as that inter-cut with the first dream state's car flipping all around, and master Hans Zimmer's pounding, profoundly epic music pushing the boundaries of suspense and amazement simultaneously - well, that's solid cinematic gold. Forget the fact that this is a fight scene, the fact is that the four or five minutes that that truck is flipping over is pure cinema gold, and I am so, so, so thankful for it.

RUNNER-UP: The Moscow car chase in THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. I so nearly, nearly did that one.

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