13 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 13

Day 13 - Favorite Animated Movie

Now I will pick a movie that has not been featured on any blog participating in this meme. This film is not a Disney movie. It is not highly regarded in any critical circle as far as I understand it. It's not overly ambitious. It's not based on a old fairy tale or folk legend. It doesn't feature a Oscar-nominated song. It doesn't have some grand, over-arching meaning, really. Well, it does if you're really into the series.

This movie is DIGIMON: THE MOVIE. Released in 2000, this American release is in actuality a hybrid of the first three animated DIGIMON movies in Japan. A friend of mine supplied me with the Japanese versions just recently - and after growing up with this particular feature film, it was extremely hard to get behind the original productions. There's funky porno-esque music playing in the background even during scenes that don't necessitate music, but the bright side of it is that the dialogue is a bit more story-centric, in lieu of the humor-based script for the American release.

But I'm not going to spend this time talking about the differences. Point is, I love(d) DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS. At the height of their success, this movie was released, and it was, for my 10 year-old brain, mind-blowing. The opening 25-minute segment acting as a prequel to the original television series, with our principal cast first coming into contact with Digimon - that entire piece was utterly riveting for me. When Greymon appeared defeated by the giant bird Digimon, and Tai and Kari crying over their beaten beastly friend - damn it was moving. When the entire cast from the first season unite via the internet and telephone lines to stop a Digimon corrupting the digital world and even sending out nukes - wow, that was breathtaking.

The animation style is so beautiful to look at, frankly. Even now, 10 years after the fact when I revisit the animated feature on DVD, I remain intrigued and very much liking the animation style - the characters, the creature designs, the way all the components move - stilted in a way, but yet it surprisingly works. The American release featured some epic music, especially during the fight scenes, as well as pop/rock upbeat cues that just pump you up, almost like you are Tai and Matt holding onto your Digimons and going into battle. At 10, DIGIMON: THE MOVIE wasn't just a flick I saw, it was a freakin' experience. I still look at the movie fondly, and every bit of comedy and drama still work just as smoothly as it did before.

So basically - go rent DIGIMON: THE MOVIE, and then when you've fallen in love with it, watch the series. This isn't that shitty POKEMON, this is a movie/series with a story to tell, morals to convey, and characters to relate to. Digital Monsters Ruelz!!@

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