28 September 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 1

A new feature here at The Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek, semi-stolen from Suspend Your Disbelief, but more or less influenced by a Facebook project I did a year ago with very little fanfare from my friends. So what's the purpose of this feature? A) Spark some discussion about the film chosen, B) Show off the prettiness of the movie's cinematography, and C) Just feature a few comments about it. Perhaps there's other purposes, but I shall keep them a secret until somebody comes up with a good one, and I'll just say, "Bingo! I knew you'd know it all along!"

Title: Unbreakable

Notes: The film that I largely consider M. Night's masterpiece in every imaginable aspect, Unbreakable is the first film selected for this feature simply because Night's name has been in the press a lot these past few months. With the rather dodgy reception of his LAST AIRBENDER, which boasts a critical backlash and not exactly excelling in the box office department. And now audiences have DEVIL to discuss [which I still haven't seen, sadly enough; will be remedied soon!], the first in a proposed NIGHT CHRONICLES with two more installments lined up. Oh, interesting tidbit about that: apparently, a major character/villain from Night's UNBREAKABLE 2 storyline is being used for the third NIGHT CHRONICLES production. That information alone makes me all sorts of giddy.

So discuss: What is your opinion on UNBREAKABLE? Like me, do you consider it his masterpiece, or rather a dull and dreary production? Likes? Dislikes? Is M. Night ruined?!

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