09 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 09

Day 09 - Best Scene Ever

I'm a unapologetic STAR WARS fan. I dig the Prequel Trilogy, and I more then recognize the vast, vast majority of folks who would like nothing more than to erase the three films from their memory and do it their own way. I also recognize the scene I've chosen for this day was broken up into segments in the movie, but I sorta look at the whole lightsaber duel as one, long continuous scene, hence my choosing it. Plus, thanks to the handy video below, it is almost like a entire scene! Following below are my reasons for loving this scene so damn much. I could go on and on about it, but I figured I should save some sort of dignity I have - if any. Anyway, enjoy the Battle of the Heroes!
  • It's the most personal duel I've ever seen.
  • Quick, fast, and beautiful.
  • As opposed to the fight happening on the Senate simultaneously between Darth Sidious and Jedi Master Yoda, this duel isn't as giant of a deciding factor concerning the fate of the galaxy. This lightsaber duel is a result of all the damage the two of them did to each other - it's not light vs. dark, it's brother versus brother, friend vs. friend, one fighting for blood and hatred, the other to save and/or stop his friend.
  • John Williams was at his topiest game ever when working on EPISODE III. Some of his best cues are included in this picture, and this scene is no exception.
  • When he's not talking, Hayden Christensen (JUMPER) can be freakin' frightening. Look at his eyes and expression here and there - Anakin's contempt and rising anger is scarily evident, and by no means would I want to be in the path of this pissed Sith apprentice.
  • Post-limb cutting, it's a tragic, gorgeous, beautifully crafted scene between the two former friends as Anakin burns and cries out in rage.
  • Damn it, Lucas, I want the full unedited 13-minute lightsaber duel!

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