26 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 26

Day 26 - Freakishly Weird Movie Ending

I fear death, and I hate it. The whole being dead thing is not something I'm especially keen on experiencing, so I'm fully able to respond to characters in literary and feature films who spend the entirety of the time trying to figure out how to cheat death. Finding the Fountain of Youth - sure, totally doable. Cloning your body and transplanting your consciousness into a fully functional and brand spankin' new entity - coolness, if you have the money and resources to pull it off. Writer/director Darren Aronofsky (THE WRESTLER) crafted this mega epic that spanned three different timelines with Hugh Jackman starring as the man seeking the path to immortality. Before heading into the movie, I was aware that it was going to be a mind frak, so I paid especially close attention. But then again, I was 16 or 17, so I doubt my brilliance at that age is as super awesome as it is now. Anyway, I followed the film fine enough until about the last two minutes, and all I remember is that suddenly Hugh Jackman is out in the snow standing above a grave, and everything I thought I knew and understood went out the window. I was left puzzled and a tad irritated, like I missed some grand thingy.

I fully intend on watching THE FOUNTAIN again, not only to see if I can understand the ending that for all I know isn't actually all that complicated, but also for sheer entertainment value. Aronofsky made one hell of a beautiful picture, and the creativity and imagination imbued in every frame is unmistakable. But for right now, THE FOUNTAIN has left me befuddled since I saw it, and therefore it's the most freakish movie ending I've seen....yet.

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