25 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 25

Day 25 - A Movie you plan on watching [Old/New]

Um, like, a lot. I have multiple DVDs that are due on Monday that I need to watch: WALL STREET, THE FULL MONTY, and VERSUS, not to mention finishing MAD MEN: SEASON ONE. Theatrical viewing-wise, I still really want to see THE NIGHT CHRONICLES: DEVIL, THE TOWN, WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, and RESIDENT EVIL:AFTERLIFE [2-D]. So sure, there's plenty I plan on watching, but with the load of junk I got to get done by Tuesday, it's rather in the doubtful category that I will indeed watch 'em. I need to at least finish MAD MEN; I've already renewed the item once, and the Mankato library doesn't really allow a second renewal. And, next month, I plan on doing that whole OMENS thing, so my load of movies will primarily be Netflix Instant Streaming-related. So, here's hoping I survive that, eh?

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