10 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 10

Day 10 - Unexpectedly Liked Movie

Out of the hundred or so options I could choose (CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, CASINO ROYALE, DAN IN REAL LIFE, THE DESCENT, FREDDY VS. JASON, GLORY, LOVE ACTUALLY, etc.), I'm picking the 1999 cult hit THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. For the longest time, it was hyped up and hyped up and hyped up - and how often does a movie that gets hyped up repeatedly actually deliver on your expectations? Plus, I didn't really know what the hell the movie was about. With the title of "Boondock", for some reason I thought it was a baseball conspiracy thingy, and that didn't sound remotely interesting. So with a misinterpreted concept of the plotline, and people boasting about how awesome it was everytime they bought it at my store, SAINTS was doomed to be unspectacular. Plus, I avoided it for the longest time because I sorta didn't wanna know.

So, one night with some popcorn in hand, I was flipping through a friends massive DVD collection, and found out they had this movie. Everything else I had either seen or had no interest in, so in a rather defeatish way, I said, 'wanna give it a try?' And of course, the friend went crazy with joy that I chose the flick. We watched it. I loved it. I now own both THE BOONDOCK SAINTS and BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY in their Steelbook DVD cover, and I watch 'em (primarily the first one) quite a lot. It's very, very well written movie, and nicely directed. With repeated viewings, though, the constant slow motion can get a bit tiring, but it's just a small little complaint compared to how otherwise awesome the movie is.

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David Bishop said...

There was a firefight!

Still haven't seen the sequel. I meant to see it in the theater with friend, but our schedules never worked out. It's on Netflix Streaming though, so I'm pretty sure I'm reviewing it for my OMENS thing.