30 September 2010

31 Movie Days: 30

Day 30 - Saddest Death Scene

Super honestly? The very first image in my mind when I thought of this came from THE DARK KNIGHT. Rachel's death scene. Now in the first movie, I wouldn't give a shit. But Rachel was helping by two things in the second flick: 1) the casting of Maggie, a actress who is simply phenomenal in about everything she does. That still won't make me go see the second NANNY MCPHEE movie, but nonetheless, I have nothing but respect for her. Plus, she's quite pretty, so that works in her favor. 2) The Nolans and Goyer wrote this character a bit better in DARK KNIGHT. To clarify, she was already a strong female role in BEGINS, but she seems to have a bit more...spunk [?] in KNIGHT, and Maggie can pull of spunk like nobody's business - just watch STRANGER THAN FICTION. Anyhow, those two elements helped elevate the emotion of Rachel's death sequence plenty. Additionally, the cinematography, the tight editing as Gordon and Batman are racing to save Rachel and Harvey, and the spine-chilling music by Zimmer and Howard - it's the perfect marriage of elements to make the entire sequence, from beginning to end, a chilling and thrilling death.

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